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FREE delivery on orders over R600

is South Africa’s leading online supplier of Raptor Tough and Tintable Protective Coating

RAPTOR coatings – a DO IT YOURSELF paint system. Ideal for bakkies, cars, trucks, boats and trailers.

Do it yourself with the RAPTOR product range

Hard wearing, rugged, easy to apply
• Thick – up to 5 times thicker than standard auto paints
• Energy absorbing – high resistance to stone chipping and scraping abrasion
• Easy to touch-up
• High UV resistance
• High water resistance and rust protection
• Easy to apply – far more forgiving than standard auto paints
• Easy to achieve from a smooth matt up to a full textured finish

RAPTOR Coating Kits

Toughen-up your truck or car with RAPTOR Coating. A forgiving easy to apply (roll on or spray) tough protecting coating.

Available in: 1,2 and 4 Litre Kits with hardener and measuring cup.
Colours: White, Black and Tintable.

Average Coverage:

  • 1 Litre covers approximately 3 square metres (two coats)
  • One 4 Litre kit will cover a 1.9m bakkie/truck bed
  • Two 4 Litre kits will coat an average 4 x 4 vehicle body.
RAPTOR Tough and Tintable Protective Coating is a 2K polyurethane coating that provides surfaces with a protective barrier.
Ideal for whole car resprays or to provide protection to accessories.
RAPTOR Liner and Coating kits are perfect for panels, truck trays, side steps, roof-rack ladders, bumpers and bull-bars. Any component on your vehicle that needs toughening-up or just dressing-up. 
RAPTOR Coatings can be tinted with standard paint system colours.

Buy with the RAPTOR Spray gun for direct from bottle spraying.

RAPTOR Coating - 1 Litre Black (or tintable) kit

RAPTOR Black kit including 250ml hardener (total volume after mixing is 1 litre).  Provides an additional 1 litre of RAPTOR Black Coating when you only need a small quantity or need extra to add capacity to the RAPTOR kits. Remember, you have approximately one hour of working time (depending on temperature) after mixing in the hardener. That’s why RAPTOR is available in convenient 1 litre bottles.

Available in Black or Tintable.

RAPTOR Adhesion Promoter

This is the secret weapon for making RAPTOR stick to almost anything.

RAPTOR Adhesion Promoter enables paint adhesion to most automotive surfaces – plastics, aluminum, galvanised metal, zinc, painted surfaces, fiberglass and even body fillers. Replaces the need to abrade surfaces in hard-to-sand areas, such as under boots and bonnets.

Average coverage:

  • Excellent characteristics
  • Can be top coated with most water or solvent based paint systems
  • Sprays flat
  • Provides a protective barrier against lifting or solvent attack

RAPTOR Coating - Acid Etch Primer

RAPTOR Acid Etch Primer; Phosphoric acid ester formula promotes paint adhesion to difficult substrates, like galvanized steel and aluminium. Ideal for rub throughs in primer prior to application of colour and new bare metal panels.

  • Etch and prime bare metal in one step
  • Flat fan high atomization nozzle offers a large fan pattern and excellent coverage
  • Creates an anti-corrosive barrier that prevents steel from rusting
  • Can be directly top coated – no sanding required

Cartoyz trading

Established in 2012 Cartoyz is one of the largest online suppliers of vehicle accessories in SA.


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